Potential FRQs Unit 2

1. Analyze the contributions of TWO of the following in helping establish a stable government after the adoption of the Constitution.
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington

2. Evaluate the relative importance of domestic and foreign affairs in shaping American politics in the 1790's.


Monroe Doctrine
Corrupt Bargain
Marbury v Madison
Embargo Act 1807
loose/strict constructionism
Bank of the United States
Louisiana Purchase
Lewis and Clark
yeomen farmers
Gibbons v Ogden
Virginia-Kentucky Resolutions
Jay Treaty
Treaty of Ghent
Shay's Rebellion
Whiskey Rebellion '
Land Ordinance of 1785
Northwest Ordinance
Gabriel Prosser's Rebellion
Critical period
Lowell/Walthan System/Lowell girls
Annapolis Convention
XYZ Affair
Erie Canal
Orders in Council
War Hawks
Hartford Convention
cotton gin/Eli Whitney
Declaration of Independence
American Colonization Society
Articles of Confederation
Missouri Compromise
Three-fifths Compromise
Adams-Onis Treaty
interchangeable parts
American System
Henry Clay
Revolution of 1800
Bill of rights
Washington's Farewell Address
full funding/assumption
Judicial Review
Connecticut (Great) Compromise
Virginia/New Jersey Plans
Era of Good Feelings
Barbary Pirates
Samuel Slater
Citizen Genet
undeclared naval war
Federalist/First American Party System
Alien and Sedition Acts
Treaty of Alliance 1778
Benjamin Banneker
Pinckney Treaty
Treaty of Paris 1783
Haitian Rebellion
National Republicans
Republican Motherhood

Big Ideas from Chapters 6-9:
· Chapter 6
o State constitutions and the Articles of Confederation
o The federal Constitution
· Chapter 7
o Washington, Hamilton, and shaping of the national government
o Emergence of political parties: Federalists and Republicans
· Chapter 8
o Significance of Jefferson’s presidency
o Expansion into the West
o The War of 1812 and its consequences
· Chapter 9
o The transportation revolution and creation of a national market economy
o Emergence of a market economy—beginnings of industrialization and changes in social and class structures